Hi Boys and Girls,


I am so excited to be your teacher this year.  I look forward to sharing lots of smiles with you. 


I hope you had a nice summer.   I was busy with my boys.  Jackson is 10 and Bradley is 9.  We went on a bunch of camping adventures this summer.   The boys loved fishing, roasting marshmallows and swimming.  

In first grade, we spend a lot of time reading.  I can't wait to start reading some of my favorite books to you.  I'm pretty sure that I will introduce you to book characters that you will love as much as I do.


I am busy getting our classroom ready.  I would love for you to help me decorate.  Can you bring one picture of your family?  I will tape it up on my closet to help make our classroom feel like home.


You can bring a water bottle to keep at your seat.  The first few days of school are always very hot.

Please don't feel like you need to bring all of your supplies on day one.  Those backpacks can be heavy!  For day one, you will need a folder, pencils, crayons and a scissor.  The rest of the supplies you can bring during the week.


I can't wait to see you soon!  Enjoy the last few days of summer!


Love, Mrs. Shutka:)











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